Sonoma County Farm Bureau

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Board of Directors

The following Sonoma County Farm Bureau Board of Directors have been elected to work for the solution of the problems of the farm, the farm home and the rural community. To represent, protect and advance the social, economic and educational interests of the farmers of California. To work with the Cooperative Extension Service, Ag Commissioner’s Office¬†and other specialty ag and commodity groups to promote the highest type of neighborliness and citizenship.To unite the farmers of the county in a farm organization for the promotion and protection of their common interest without regard to political or religious affiliation. To cooperate with other Farm Bureau members of the California and American Farm Bureau Federation for mutual assistance in the achievement of common aims and purposes.

District One

Tito Sasaki
Wine Grapes

Ray Mulas
Dairy and Winegrapes

Norm Yenni
Hay and Grain Farming

District Two

Domenic Carinalli
Dairy, Winegrapes

Don DeBernardi
Dairy / Beef Cattle

District 3

Carolyn Wasem

District 4

John Azevedo

Kathy Reese
Beef Cattle

Jeff Carlton


Scott Bauer

District 5

Doug Beretta

John Bidia

Steve Dutton
Winegrapes and Apples

Al Gerhardt
Beef Cattle and Hay

Karen Moreda
Dairy and Cheese

Joe Pozzi

Directors at Large

Jennifer Beretta