George Petersen Insurance Agency: Supporting Sonoma County Agriculture

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George Petersen Insurance Agency: Supporting Sonoma County Agriculture

Article and by Rachel LaFranchi, Photo by Peterson’s observation colony

Published October 1, 2016

Kim Vail
Robb Daer, a partner at George Petersen Insurance Agency

George Petersen Insurance Agency was founded in 1935 and opened their Sonoma County offices in 1975. George Petersen Insurance is one of the largest independently owned insurance agencies in Northern California and is committed to offering quality insurance in Sonoma County and beyond.

Sixty percent of George Petersen Insurance Agency’s business is commercial, which includes agricultural insurance, and they estimate more than 20% of their total business is directly involved with agriculture. The agency insures clients from mom and pop farm owners to large ranches, hunting clubs and more. With their eight offices in mostly rural areas, the company provides a lot of agriculture insurance.

The agency has one employee who specifically works on agriculture related insurance. A large part of agriculture insurance is within the equine industry and ranges from insuring horses to trainers to facilities. The company said it is relatively inexpensive to insure a horse, and it is becoming more popular to insure show horses.

“When you consider the ag space and the supporting businesses in the county, we do a lot of business with the agriculture industry,” said Robb Daer, a partner at George Petersen Insurance Agency. “Ag has changed a lot over the last few years, but we’ve always supported the agriculture community.”

George Petersen Insurance Agency has been a member of Sonoma County Farm Bureau for more than 20 years, supporting agriculture in the county. Daer upgraded agency’s membership to the Premium level this year to show the company’s support for the industry and their customers in the agriculture industry.

Daer said the agency has seen agriculture evolve a lot, particularly in an industry where regulations have become more and more cumbersome. Daer said George Petersen Insurance Agency is working hard to support the agriculture industry in the face of all the regulations.

“Ag people are good stewards of the land, but there are more and more regulations on them,” said Daer. “As the world becomes more complicated, there’s more we can do to manage all the problems, especially for small businesses that just can’t do it all.”

George Petersen Insurance Agency is working to support their customers from a compliance standpoint. They have one person on staff who specifically works on OSHA requirements, heat illness prevention and other regulations affecting farmers and ranchers. They have a database with more than 800 documents they can use to provide clients information on current regulations.

Daer said most people don’t realize how much more insurance companies offer other than an insurance policy. From safety programs to inspections, George Petersen Insurance Agency offers much more than just insurance.

Daer said the company’s service sets them aside from their competitors. The company takes their time to access what their customers’ needs are. 

“Our job is to protect everything farmers and ranchers have worked their whole lives for,” said Daer.

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