Sonoma County Farm Bureau

About Sonoma County Farm Bureau Foundation

The Foundation will have an ongoing development program for individual and corporate sponsorships, various donations including but not limited to, monetary, real and personal property and in-kind donations.

There are many different reasons why friends and supporters of Sonoma County Farm Bureau charitable contributions to the SCFB Foundation. Some give because of ideological commitment, some because of a desire to support local agriculture. Still, others give out of compassion for the needs of our youth.

Gifts to the SCFB Foundation provide support to the Agricultural Education programs of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau.

Here are ways to make a gift to the SCFB Foundation:

  • Gifts of Cash payable by check or credit card to the SCFB Foundation
  • Appreciated Securities fair market value is tax-deductible as a gift.
  • Closely Held Stock allows the same benefits as donations of other securities.
  • Life Insurance Policies can be transferred to the SCFB Foundation, or the SCFB Foundation can be named when creating a new policy.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts can produce immediate tax benefits and income for life when directed to the SCFB Foundation.
  • Bequests can specify how you would like your estate to benefit Sonoma County Farm Bureau in your will or living trust.

For more information on the SCFB Foundation or how to make a gift, contact the Sonoma County Farm Bureau.

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