Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Ban Ballot Measure

Since the middle of September, the Sonoma County Farm Bureau has been coordinating efforts with local producers, processors, and commodity associations to strategize combatting a potential general election ballot initiative that is aimed at eliminating Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations in Sonoma County. While this may only affect a small percentage of animal husbandry operations, it is a direct offense to our poultry and dairy industries. This initiative is being driven by animal activist groups, such as Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), and is simply a step toward their efforts to eliminate animal agriculture in its entirety. SCFB’s attention to this effort is a priority.

ED Ghirardelli has also been in communication with Assemblymember Connolly’s and Senator Dodd’s offices regarding the issue of ongoing pressures on animal agriculture operations by emotional terrorist groups. This outreach will continue with the hopes that legislative protections from frivolous petitions and ballot measures against farmers and ranchers will eventually be brought forward. After all, agricultural production practices should not be determined at the ballot box as this tactic diminishes consumer choices, among other things.

If anyone has signed the petition and wants their name removed, you can do so through the Sonoma County Registrar of Voters office here.

Listen to Executive Director, Dayna Ghirardelli speak on the ballot measure on the weekly “From Farm to Table” Radio Segment hosted by KRSH Radio and Sonoma County Farm Bureau

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How you can help

  • Utilize social media to tell your story! It is unbelievable how powerful social media is. (Obviously, it is one of their main tactics.)
  • If a petition holder approaches you, don’t be combative. Ask questions (where are you from? Do you live in Sonoma County? How much money are you getting paid per signature? Where do you think food will come from if local agriculture is eliminated? Then ask them direct questions about production based on the reality of your management, specifically around caring for your animals) there won’t be many questions they can answer.
    • For every minute you spend talking with them, you’re distracting them from approaching others.
    • Feel free to share the truths when you hear them spew BS to others.
  • Have conversations to make others aware that these people don’t care about anything but abolishing animal agriculture, AND they’ll do and say whatever it takes to make that happen.
  • Discourage everyone in your life and beyond NOT to sign ANYTHING without reading it first- don’t take people’s word for it! (These folks are selling this locally as if it is a national initiative based on misinformation, but it is, in fact, directed only at Sonoma County right now.)
  • Be prepared to get engaged with the process. If this makes the ballot, it is going to take time and money.
    • If it doesn’t make the ballot, we’ll still need to educate and work toward protecting our Right to Farm.