October 2022

Supporting Organic Dairy Farms Through the Drought-Induced Feed Crisis

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Executive Director, Dayna Ghirardelli, signed a letter that supports organic dairy farms through the drought-induced feed crisis. The organic dairies in the Western US need emergency aid due to the historic drought and the associated dramatic increase in feed costs. Many dairies throughout the region are expecting a severe financial loss in 2022 and are at risk of going out of business. One short-term targeted solution is to find a source of state or federal funding to offset the feed price premiums for hay and grain. It is imperative that we mobilize funding assistance as soon as possible before the organic dairy industry faces a major catastrophe. Sonoma County Farm Bureau welcomes the opportunity to discuss opportunities for supporting dairies through this unprecedented drought-fueled crisis we are facing.

April 2022

Sonoma Water Drought Town Hall

Executive Director, Tawny Tesconi, spoke at Sonoma Water’s Drought Town Hall on Thursday, March 10, 2022. Representatives from the State Water Resources Control Board, National Marine Fisheries Service, Santa Rosa Water, and the California Department of Water Resources spoke alongside ED Tesconi. Speakers discussed ongoing drought conditions, water supply management efforts, and conservation measures in place to preserve the region’s water supply.

February 2022

Executive Director Tesconi continues to work with several other agencies and the State Water Board to find long-term solutions for Sonoma County farmers and growers regarding the drought and water availability. One project that will be introduced this spring is the Voluntary Drought Initiative which will be available for water rights holders along the Russian River.