The Restricted Materials Permit and Operator Identification Number renewal season is well underway.  The Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures (AWM) started renewing Restricted Materials Permits and Operator Identification Numbers for vineyard managers back in November and in early December, we started accepting appointments for all renewals.  If you received a mailed or emailed notification from AWM stating that you are due for renewal, or if you simply have changes to make to your current Restricted Materials Permit or Operator Identification Number, please call AWM to schedule an appointment.  After the appointment is set, one of our inspectors will review your file and if necessary, reach out to you for additional information prior to your appointment date.

Please remember that if you have a Private Applicator Certificate (PAC) that needs to be renewed, you will still need to complete the required amount of continuing education prior to the expiration date.  If you were not able to obtain the required continuing educational requirements, your options are to take the renewal exam, or to take the “new” exam.  With new testing requirements for Private Applicator Certification, within the next few years, all PAC holders will need to take and pass a new certification test.  If you have any questions about testing requirements or to schedule and appointment, please call AWM at (707) 565-2371.