On Monday, May 1, 2023, from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, the Sonoma County Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures will hold our first container recycling event for 2023.

The collection site will be the Grow West yard located at 20780 Geyserville Avenue in Geyserville.

This event is open to growers, nurseries, pest control businesses, golf courses, parks, and government agencies.

  • Plastic containers ranging in size from1 pint to 55 gallons accepted
  • Containers must be triple rinsed, punctured, and dry
  • Containers 15 gallons and larger must be cut into quarters prior to bringing to Recycle Event
  • All plastic lids, plastic/metal handles and rings, label booklets, and plastic sleeves must be removed (glued labels accepted)
  • Secure containers in trucks and trailers during transport

Only plastic pesticide and fertilizer containers accepted at this event.  Plastic tubing, PVC pipe, plastic measuring cups, 5 gallon bucket lids, metal or plastic handles, containers that held motor oil, anti-freeze, and/or diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and other miscellaneous plastics not accepted.