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2019 AG DAYS
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Our Mission is to . . .


Protecting agricultural lands from overregulation ensuring that someone is always in your corner and fighting for your rights.


Promoting local agriculture to keep it viable for future generations by starting positive conversations about agriculture in Sonoma County and beyond.


Educating the public about agriculture grows trust and respect and teaches tomorrow’s leaders the importance of agriculture.


When we join together in support of agriculture, we can make our voices heard at the local, state and national levels. Join or Renew today!

In the News

MILK WARS! Soybeans Do Not Lactate and All “Milks” Are Not Created Equal

For thousands of years, the words milk and cream have meant a fluid from the mammary glands of a female animal used as food by people in liquid form and as butter, cheese and yogurt. Today, that definition has been blurred by those wishing to apply dairy terms to identify and sell liquids derived from vegetables and marketed as non-dairy alternatives. Increasing demand for plant-based products—especially among vegans, vegetarians and others who consume soy-based alternatives to cheese and nut-based alternatives to milk—has created a variety Continue reading →

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Sonoma County Native Returns as Registered Professional Forester

Jason Wells is a California Registered Professional Forester (RPF) for the Sonoma and Gold Ridge Resource Conservation Districts. In his role, he provides technical and planning assistance to landowners, is working to build a forestry program capable of addressing vegetation and fuels management concerns throughout the county and is addressing post-fire recovery efforts. Wells was born and raised in Petaluma and graduated from Humboldt State University with a B.S. in Forestry with an emphasis in Forest Conservation. After graduating he worked for six years in Continue reading →

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We are Blessed in Sonoma County

I hope most of you had a chance to attend the 30th Annual Great Sonoma Crab and Wine Fest. What an event! It was another huge success with a record crowd of nearly 2,500 people! We have come a long way since our first crab feed at the Sebastopol Veterans Memorial Building. Now, 30 years later, we filled both the Hall of Flowers and the Grace Pavilion. I am very grateful for the continued support for agriculture and agriculture education in Sonoma County. The generosity Continue reading →

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Labeling of Plant-Based Products

Our advocacy article in this month’s publication discusses the ongoing debate over the labeling of plant-based products as “milk” and other descriptors for non-milk products that suggest a faux product is made from mother’s milk. Farm Bureau nationally represents farmers on both sides of the commodity fence, but here in Sonoma County; our agriculture heritage is based strongly in milk production. I love dairies, and I also have an affinity for our vegetable growers, but I believe we need to be transparent to our consumers. Continue reading →

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Member Profile: Merry Edwards Winery

One of the first women to become a California winemaker, Sonoma County Farm Bureau Member Merry Edwards, began her career in 1973 after she earned a BS degree in Physiology from UC Berkeley and a MA degree in Food Science with an emphasis in Enology from UC Davis. She has earned titles like Winemaker of the Year, One of America’s Top Fifty Most Influential Winemakers and one of The 50 Most Influential Winemakers in the World. Merry and her wines are world renowned. However, Edwards Continue reading →

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SRJC Animal & Equine Science Program Update

2019 brings change, growth, and opportunity to the Animal and Equine Science programs at SRJC. The Animal Science program was awarded a $250,000 grant to support renovations to the Porter Animal Science Center at Shone Farm. Some of these renovations are maintenance related, but others will involve restructuring the barn to house a more diverse group of animals at Shone Farm. Sonoma County is home to many niche livestock operations. The Animal Science program at SRJC is uniquely positioned to introduce students to the alternative Continue reading →

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Prescriptive Grazing as a Vegetation Management Tool

Working landscape ecosystems provide benefits to the landowner and to all life forms living or passing through that land. Neighbors benefit with open viewscapes, to clean water and air, and carbon sequestration from well-maintained working landscapes – rangelands, grassland, and open space. There also a potential health benefits received from working landscape from properly managed vegetation removal to reduce the fire fuel loads. However, there are many challenges for landowners to control excessive vegetation on working landscapes, including vast roadless areas that limit access for Continue reading →

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Career Technical Education (CTE) Foundation Invests in Agriculture Education Projects

This year, the Career Technical Education (CTE) Foundation has approved $343,652 in grant funding for 22 technical education programs among 11 Sonoma County schools. Now in its sixth funding cycle, the CTE Foundation has invested over $3 million since its founding in 2013, creating new programs that connect students to employers for career exploration and skill-building and spurring over 100 new classes in local schools that focus on career and technical education in industries including engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, health, and the construction trades. Amber Figueroa, Continue reading →

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To represent, protect and advance the social, economic and educational interests of the farmers and ranchers of Sonoma County.