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Our Mission is to . . .


Protecting agricultural lands from overregulation ensuring that someone is always in your corner and fighting for your rights.


Promoting local agriculture to keep it viable for future generations by starting positive conversations about agriculture in Sonoma County and beyond.


Educating the public about agriculture grows trust and respect and teaches tomorrow’s leaders the importance of agriculture.


When we join together in support of agriculture, we can make our voices heard at the local, state and national levels. Join or Renew today!

In the News

Manzana Invests $9 million to Reposition Company for the Long Haul in Sebastopol’s Apple Country

Sonoma County’s last apple processor committed to preserving remaining apple orchards Amid all the dire economic news caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a positive, good-news story emerging from Sebastopol where the county’s last apple processing plant is investing more than $9 million to secure the future of the apple trees still standing in west Sonoma County. Manzana Products Co., which has been producing applesauce, apple juice and apple cider vinegar for nearly a century, is making a bold financial move to upgrade its Continue reading →

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A Small Taste of Sonoma County’s Food Processing History

Learning that Manzana Products Co. is Sonoma County’s last surviving apple processing plant inspired me to research a handful of related businesses that preceded Manzana.  When and where did these businesses exist? Who, and how many people, did they employ? What fruits and vegetables did they process? Where did it all go? How did it get there? When and why did they cease operating? To begin answering these questions I spoke with local historians, reviewed county histories, historic maps, photograph collections, and newspaper articles. The Continue reading →

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September Editorial: Just say “NO” to Prop 15

If ever there was something that would have a devastating and detrimental effect on Agriculture in Sonoma County and California, then Prop 15 is it.  Prop 15 seeks to remove some of California’s Prop 13 property tax protections for commercial and agriculture parcels.  Once that is gone, it will be very easy to repeal Prop 13 altogether, which Sacramento desperately wants. How else will they and other municipalities across the state fund their exorbitant pensions and mismanaged budgets?  Don’t be fooled. How many times has Continue reading →

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September Editorial: No, Not Now

These are unprecedented times for our county, particularly for the agriculture industry that drives our local economy. We are in an economic crisis that is unparalleled. Neither the Great Depression nor the Great Recession nor any other slump over the past two centuries have ever caused such a negative jolt to our economy. Farmers, ranchers, our business suppliers and community supporters need help, especially financially.  You do not have to be an economist to see the train wreck coming, yet for some unfathomable reason, local Continue reading →

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Member Profile: Scott’s Miracle Gro

Scott’s Miracle-Gro is widely considered an industry leader in the lawn and garden consumer space. The Farm Bureau member, headquartered in Marysville, Ohio, is where O.M. Scott began selling lawn seed in 1868. The Scotts Co. came together in the mid-’90s with Miracle-Gro, which was originally founded by Horace Hagedorn on Long Island, New York.  Today, the company manufactures and sells consumer lawn, garden, and pest control products. In the U.S., Scott’s, Miracle-Gro and Ortho brands are well known, but there are many other products Continue reading →

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Sonoma County Farm Bureau Welcomes New Board Members

Nicolas Hernandez Ramirez Nicolas Hernandez Ramirez works for Bevill Vineyard Management as a Viticulturist with Pest Control Advisor and Qualify Private Applicator License. He got his start in the winegrape industry as an intern at Bevill and has continued to grow and learn as a viticulturist.  “I started working in the field picking grapes and vegetables and now I have a degree in Viticulture,” Nicolas said. “I graduated from Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) in 2015 and transferred to California State University, Fresno where I Continue reading →

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Sonoma County is Home to New Animal Hauler– Mattern Livestock Hauling

With over 10 years of experience as a dead animal hauler, Jack Mattern said that he is excited to begin his new business venture– Mattern Livestock Hauling. The Sonoma County native and marine corps veteran is ready to provide a vital service to the local agricultural community in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Mendocino, Lake and other counties.  He specializes in safe, professional, dead animal removal and disposal for both small and large animals. Some examples include bulls, steers, horses, donkeys, mules, alpacas, cows, llamas, goats, pigs, Continue reading →

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Member Profile: Mike Meyer Jr., Manager of Meyer Farming’s Apple Orchards

Mike Meyer Jr., is the youngest apple grower in Sonoma County and he’s proud of it. The 4th generation farmer said that being a farmer is tough work, but that he wouldn’t change a thing.  “Not many people can say that they enjoy what they do for a living,” Meyer said. “But I do. I was raised by great parents, Mike and Bobbie Meyer, and enjoyed growing up on an apple orchard with my younger brother, Kevin.” He said he has many fond memories of Continue reading →

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