Our Mission is to . . .


Protecting agricultural lands from overregulation ensuring that someone is always in your corner and fighting for your rights.


Promoting local agriculture to keep it viable for future generations by starting positive conversations about agriculture in Sonoma County and beyond.


Educating the public about agriculture grows trust and respect and teaches tomorrow’s leaders the importance of agriculture.


When we join together in support of agriculture, we can make our voices heard at the local, state and national levels. Join or Renew today!

In the News

Celebrating 100 Years of Farm Bureau and the Future of Sonoma County Agriculture

In 1917, a group of Sonoma County farmers banded together with a mission: to unify their voices to protect agriculture for future generations.

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An Ag Leader to Remember

On Tuesday November 21st, Sonoma County Farm Bureau and the Gerhardt family suffered a great loss with the passing of Al Gerhardt. Al was the type of board member that will be hard to replace.

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100 Years of Farm Bureau

Sonoma County Farm Bureau was started in 1917, and this year we’re celebrating the families who maintained their farm in Sonoma County for 100 years. Here are 100 families who have been farming on the same land in Sonoma County for more than 100 years!

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Sonoma County Farm Bureau Launches New Website

Sonoma County Farm Bureau is excited to share with you our new website launching in December. Alongside our website, you’ll notice changes to other Farm Bureau materials all of which we see coming together to modernize our organization as we continue to support our members over the next 100 years.

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Sonoma County Agriculture Community Shows Strength and Resilience Following North Bay Wildfires

Despite the recent devastation our community experienced, more than 90% of Sonoma County was left unharmed, and in the weeks following the fire, our community has shown we are stronger than ever. Karen Ross, Secretary of CDFA, reiterated this when she spoke at Sonoma County Farm Bureau’s fire recovery town hall meeting.

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Crane Family: 165 Years of Farming in Santa Rosa

Jennifer Crane is part of the sixth generation farming on family property in Santa Rosa. Many know the family’s historic barn that they drive by on Petaluma Hill Road where they can purchase Crane Melons at the end of the summer and shop for Christmas gifts in the winter.

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Agriculture’s Response in a Crisis

Monday, October 9th marked the beginning of the worst firestorm in California history. As parts of Sonoma County were devastated by wildfires, our agriculture community stepped up to protect livestock and property. Sonoma County Farm Bureau is at the forefront of this effort setting up the Agriculture and Rural Lands Resource Town Hall meeting

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Sonoma County Fires: A Declaration

Times like these are etched into the minds and souls of anyone who experiences them. Yes, time will pass, but the memory of the moment will come back in a flash with only the slightest little nudge. October 2017 is now a mark in history for all of us. I can recall a few of these times when memories are crystal clear.

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To represent, protect and advance the social, economic and educational interests of the farmers and ranchers of Sonoma County.