2014 Sonoma County Crop Report Released

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Published: July 1, 2015

On June 24, Sonoma County Agricultural Commissioner, Tony Linegar, presented the 2014 crop report. The total value for 2014 crops was $899,015,400, a 6% increase from 2013. The number reflects the gross production values, not net income or costs of production and marketing.
The three year drought has a significant impact on many of the crops produced in the county; however, it did not have a significant impact on winegrapes, the county’s main crop.

Winegrape tonnage decreased only 5.5% from 2013, the largest winegrape crop in Sonoma County history. Winegrapes were valued at $592,798,000 for 2014, accounting for 66% of the agricultural income in Sonoma County.

Field crops, including hay, silage, pasture and rangeland, suffered significant damage from the drought, declining by 41% from 2013. The decline led to a dramatic increase in hay and feed prices as well as increasing costs from rangeland leases.

The value of livestock and poultry production grew 37% as meat, egg and milk prices increased. Milk was valued at $109,540,900 for 2014, making it the second highest valued crop. It was followed by poultry, miscellaneous livestock and poultry products, cattle and calves, vegetables, nursery products and sheep and lambs.

The crop report emphasizes the importance of the Sonoma County agriculture industry. The increased value of Sonoma County agriculture highlights a successful industry that Farm Bureau continues to protect and promote.

Download: 2014 Sonoma County Crop Report (14.48 MB)

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