2021. Let’s Hit the Ground Running

Written By: Jennifer Beretta, President
Published: January 4, 2021

I would like to take a minute to formally introduce myself. My name is Jennifer Beretta, and I am a 4th generation dairywoman. I have the privilege of working alongside my dad, Doug, and brother, Ryan, on our dairy in Santa Rosa. They have allowed me the time and opportunity to follow my goals, which has led to the opportunity to lead this organization as your new President.

Farm Bureau has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a young 4-H member, I volunteered at the Crab Feed when it was still at the Vets building and got to pass out bags filled with dairy education to all the participants that visited Ag Days. As I got older and became involved in FFA, I started to take more interactive roles at these Farm Bureau events, including helping with silent auctions and bringing my calves to Ag Days. 

As the years passed, I knew that the next logical step in leadership was Young Farmers and Ranchers. I joined YF&R in 2006 and started to explore more opportunities in the Farm Bureau organization, and I knew one day, I would follow in the footsteps of my dad, and sit on the Board of Directors. I recently finished my term as the California Young Farmers and Ranchers State Chair and sat on the state committee for 6 years. I am so honored that the Board of Directors has allowed me to follow my dream of not only sitting on the board but also being president of an organization that promotes and protects agriculture in Sonoma County.

Farm Bureau has become an association that individuals and businesses are looking to, on our stance on politics or agricultural issues facing our members. The work that Tawny Tesconi has done has been top-notch, and I am excited to work with her for the next two years. The Farm Bureau has done amazing things, from drive-thru BBQs to upping our social media presence, to making sure our members were taken care of during the chaotic wildfire season. I hope to hit the ground running, looking at issues such as fire, water, ag, and making sure our small businesses stay open and thrive during these uncertain times. Our wineries, restaurants, and businesses are so important to not only Sonoma County, but to Sonoma County Agriculture. 

As we all know, this last year was extremely odd for most of us in the agriculture industry and Farm Bureau worlds.  Meetings and events got canceled, we learned to Zoom while driving a tractor, fought for agriculture through social media, and to top it off, the annual California Farm Bureau Federation meeting was held virtually for the first time ever. While the methods were unconventional, the bright side to the situation is that we found new ways to engage, teach about, and promote agriculture. I hope that things go back to a relatively normal state, but until then, I look forward to serving as your President, whether it be in person or via Zoom. Jeff Carlton has passed a baton to me that has been filled with momentum and exciting opportunities. As we wrap up 2020 and start to (finally) put it behind us, I hope things start to turn around. I hope we can meet, whether it be face to face or through a computer screen. I thank you for your continued membership and look forward to being on the front lines, fighting for Sonoma County Agriculture.

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