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Sonoma County Ag Days Educates 5,000 Students About All Aspects of Agriculture

As 5,000 students descended on the Sonoma County Fairgrounds and splashed through puddles on March 13 and 14, it was obvious they were all excited for a day out of the classroom. MORE

Ag Immigration Reform

In recent months there has been much talk and effort by the U.S. Senate to reform the United State’s immigration policy. During the month of February, there were four votes in the U.S. Senate on different immigration amendments. All four failed to gain the 60 votes needed for approval some by as little as seven votes. Why is it so difficult for Republicans and Democrats to find common ground and make meaningful change? In three of the proposed amendments, there was a path to citizenship Continue reading → MORE

Marin County Board of Supervisors to Conduct Public Hearing April 24 on Proposed New California Coastal Commission Permit Requirements

After nearly a decade of discussions, hearings and workshops, additional modifications were made to the California Coastal Commission’s (CCC) decisions following its November 2, 2016 public workshop that have increased farmer and rancher anxiety. MORE

Jim’s Supply Co., Inc., to rebrand its Vineyard and Trellising Division as JSC Agricultural Supply

Jim’s Supply Co., Inc., to rebrand its Vineyard and Trellising Division as JSC Agricultural Supply Company to re-brand, reflecting its growing product line and services while maintaining its unique manufacturing roots Jim’s Supply Co., Inc., is rebranding its vineyard and trellising division to JSC Agricultural Supply. The company will continue to focus on manufacturing and providing solutions to the agriculture industry, while the rebranding will better reflect the company’s recently expanded product line. JSC Agricultural Supply continues to be owned and operated by the same Continue reading → MORE

Is California Creating More Bureaucracies with the GSAs?

“Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting over” is a quote that has been around for at least 150 years. Even some of our favorite westerns have John Wayne or Clint Eastwood stepping up to help the small cattleman protect his water rights that are being threatened by the local land baron or greedy miner. I am sure those stories portraited in film were based on some truths, and I doubt that our forefathers would have predicted that in the 21st century there Continue reading → MORE

Sustainable Technologies

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Refer New Members Membership is critical to the work Sonoma County Farm Bureau does and we want your help in keeping our membership growing. Refer someone you know to become a Farm Bureau member. Whether they are actively involved in agriculture or just want to support local farmers and keep Sonoma County beautiful, refer them to join today. Fill out the following information and our staff will contact them. Help us protect and promote Sonoma County agriculture, refer your friends to join. Please Enter the Continue reading → MORE

Advocating for Agriculture Friendly Policy

Participated in advisory committee meetings on rural broadband strategic planning for Sonoma County Attended cannabis advisory committee meetings Participated in pre-planning meetings on the Russian River Confluence Attended the Sheriff’s candidate forum Reviewed and discussed staff recommendations on vacation rentals within Protected Agriculture Land (LIA) with Sonoma County Planning Agency Attended the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting in support of the Ramey Winery permit application Attended the meeting of re-licensing the PG&E Potter Valley Project in Ukiah Facilitated a Santa Rosa water contracts meeting on Continue reading → MORE

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To represent, protect and advance the social, economic and educational interests of the farmers and ranchers of Sonoma County.