Uniting to protect & promote the future of agriculture in Sonoma County for more than 100 years

Since 1917

In 1917, a group of Sonoma County farmers banded together with a mission: to unify their voices to protect agriculture for future generations. Through the Sonoma County Farm Bureau, they formed farm centers around the county where they met to talk about local issues, formulate solutions and educate each other as well as the non-farming community. As the landscape in Sonoma County changed dramatically over the next 100 years, the desire to have a unified voice has remained constant. Today in Sonoma County, some of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these farmers continue to farm on the same land, and over the course of a century they have been joined by many other families who are passionate about Sonoma County agriculture.

Our Mission

To represent, protect and advance the social, economic and educational interests of the farmers and ranchers of Sonoma County.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Board

Sonoma County Farm Bureau’s Directors are each elected to work for solutions to problems of the farm, the farm home, and the rural community. They represent the interests of farmer members in their districts in determining the policies that guide the direction and programs of the organization. Through collaboration with other specialty agriculture and commodity groups, the board strives to unite the farmers and ranchers of Sonoma County in a farm organization dedicated to promoting and protecting their common interests without regard to political or religious affiliation.
Doug Beretta, President

District 5, Dairy

John Azevedo

District 4, Winegrapes

Daniel Charles

Young Farmers & Ranchers Chair

Judy James

District 2, Winegrapes

Ray Mulas

District 1, Dairy

Pat Burns, 1st President

District 4, Winegrapes

Jennifer Beretta

District 5, Dairy

Ron Crane

District 1, Livestock & Hops

Summer Jeffus

District 4, Agribusiness

Carolyn Wasem

District 3, Winegrapes

Nicolas Hernandez Ramirez, 2nd Vice President

District 4, Winegrapes

Domenic Carinalli

District 2, Winegrapes & Dairy

Don DeBernardi

District 2, Dairy

Joe Pozzi

District 5, Livestock & Wool

Norm Yenni

District 1, Hay & Grain

John Bidia, Treasurer

District 5, Winegrapes

Jeff Carlton

District 4, Winegrapes

Steve Dutton

District 5, Winegrapes & Apples

Jordan Mahrt

District 2, Eggs

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Staff

Dayna Ghirardelli, Executive Director
Dayna Ghirardelli

Executive Director

Samantha Piehoff

Operations Manager

Rebecca Pate, Membership & Advertising Director
Rebecca Pate

Membership & Advertising Manager

Anita Hawkins, Ag Education & Volunteer Coordinator
Anita Hawkins

Ag Education & Volunteer Coordinator

Brooke Bruhn, Communications Coordinator
Brooke Bruhn

Operations Assistant

Conference & Event Room Rental

The conference room at Sonoma County Farm Bureau is available to rent on weekdays and weekends. The space is 2,800 square feet (50’ x 56’) and accommodates 60 people classroom style (e.g., seated at tables) and 80-100 auditorium style (e.g., seated in rows). The space is attractive, well-lit and there is ample free parking.

SCFB Member: $50 per hour
SCFB Non-Member: $75 per hour
Other Charges: $50 Cleaning Fee

Room rental includes the following amenities:

  • Use of tables and chairs (renter must set up and break down).
  • Use of kitchen (must be reserved before usage).
  • Large screen television, Owl camera, and laptop computer access.
  • Use of podium.
  • Wi-fi access and free parking.

For information and reservations, call 707-544-5575 or contact Brooke Bruhn at brooke@sonomafb.org.

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Committee Chair: Doug Beretta

The Animal Resource Management Committee (ARM) is responsible for addressing federal Clean Water Act-related topics for animal producers. Farm Bureau collects and evaluates water quality sample data from various North Bay watersheds. Our environmental consultant works with producers in complying with water quality regulations.

Committee Chair: Kathy Reese

The Consumer Outreach & Agriculture Education Committee meets to review and coordinate programming designed to bridge the information gap with consumers about the realities of growing crops and raising livestock to provide the food and fiber needed now and into the future. The committee is also instrumental in planning and implementing the annual 2-day Ag Days event.

Committee Chair: Nicolas Hernandez, Ramirez

The Labor & Safety Committee addresses topics for the farm labor force and employers. The committee coordinates a series of safety courses and workshops addressing regulation, current issues, and business practices for the agriculture community. Topics include labor laws, human resources, pesticide application, CPR & first aid, tractor and other vehicle operations, farm manager training, electrical safety, etc. English and Spanish presentations are provided for most classes.

Committee Chair: Summer Jeffus

The Membership Committee meets monthly to discuss and propose marketing and outreach programs designed to share with current and prospective members the reasons for belonging to and supporting the organization. The committee participates in member recruitment and renewal activities while advising staff and leadership of opportunities for membership growth.

Committee Chair: Pat Burns

The Natural Resources & Environment Committee studies federal, state, and local issues and regulations related to the environment. These issues include land use policies, natural resources, endangered species, fire codes, land protection, rural-urban conflicts, etc.

Committee Chair: Daniel Charles

The Sonoma-Marin Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee is a group of young agriculturalists aged eighteen to thirty-five that benefit from development opportunities designed to prepare them for leadership positions in the community. The group includes those actively producing as farmers and ranchers and individuals working in careers that support agriculture. The committee meets monthly to discuss topics relevant to beginning careers in agriculture through networking with peers. The committee actively participates in Farm Bureau and other community events, plans educational tours, and hosts a successful annual sporting clay shoot.

Interested in joining one of our committees? Contact us to learn more 707-544-5575

Additional Resources

The Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures enforces the laws and regulations of the California Food and Agriculture Code, the California Business & Professions Code and the California Code of Regulations while serving at the discretion of the County Board of Supervisors and CDFA’s Secretary of Food & Agriculture. Sonoma County’s Department of Agriculture/Weights & Measures employs a staff of thirty-nine people and has its main office in Santa Rosa, with a small satellite office with limited public hours in the city of Sonoma.

The mission of the University of California Cooperative Extension is to extend information developed at the University of California to enhance quality of life and the environmental and economic well-being of the citizens of California through research and education.

Visit their website.

The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating youth throughout California about the importance of agriculture in their daily lives. We do this through:

  • Developing materials that are accurate, teacher-tested and scientifically sound to enhance the educational experience of K-12 students.
  • Providing programs, inspiration and training opportunities for educators.
  • Partnering with like-minded organizations to create awareness about the significance of agriculture in our everyday lives.
  • Recognizing teachers and students for their achievements in agricultural literacy.
  • Supporting the pursuit of agricultural careers and continuing education.

Our mission is to increase awareness and understanding of agriculture among California’s educators and students. Our vision is an appreciation of agriculture by all.

Visit their website.