August Editorial: For the Love of the Land

Written By: Jeff Carlton, President
Published: August 5, 2019

It has been said many times, but we are truly blessed to live, farm and ranch in Sonoma County. Farmers and ranchers are the original environmentalists. They maintain the land and its beauty for
generations and simultaneously feed the world. Last month at our Love of the Land awards dinner, I had the privilege to help recognize several stewards of the land. We were also happy to partner with the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce as they presented their Leadership in Agriculture Award as well. There was exceptional Sonoma County history on the stage that night and I was honored to be a part of that. The award winners were the Sonoma County Fair Board, recognized by the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Luther Burbank Conservation Award to Doug Beretta, the Friend of Farm Bureau Award to Western Farm Center, the Farm Family of the Year Award to the Sanchietti Family, and Tito Sasaki was inducted into the Farm Bureau
Hall of Fame.

Doug Beretta has done a tremendous job over the years enhancing the natural resources on his land. He and his family have sustained their dairy for multiple generations and are ensuring that the next generations can continue. The Sanchietti Family has been farming the same land for a century. Try telling me that’s not sustainability. Tito Sasaki has given much to Farm Bureau and
agriculture. There are probably not many people that know all the issues like Tito or who are as highly respected by our elected officials as he is. Western Farm Center is a longtime supporter of Farm Bureau. Presenting this award was near and dear to me. As a youth, while attending Santa Rosa Junior College, I worked there. The Bertolini family was a wonderful employer and encouraging mentor. I have many fond memories of my days bucking hay and hefting feed sacks and I learned so much from my time there. I had the opportunity to see firsthand, just
how much the Bertolinis support Farm Bureau, agriculture and the Sonoma County community. I always like to say, that even my Father-in-Law worked there as a youth and joke that that’s why he likes me so much.

Farming, ranching and conservation go hand in hand. We all are striving to ensure that we can pass down our culture, wisdom, hard work and beautiful land to our future generations.  Congratulations again to all the award winners. We know how much you truly love the land.

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