Award Winning Leaders

Written By: Jeff Carlton, President
Published: July 1, 2020

This has certainly been a stressful year for all of us. While these are new times and we do not have a “normal” quite yet (I refuse to believe this is a new normal), we must change with the current times. It is unfortunate that we had to cancel our Love of the Land event this year. I truly enjoy seeing everyone, visiting, catching up on how their year is going and what they see for the remainder of the year. It is such a fantastic community event in Richard’s Grove at La Crema. I also love this event because we can honor some of our great farmers and ranchers from around Sonoma County.

Our Hall of Fame Award this year goes to Domenic Carinalli.  It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Domenic for many years and this is well deserved. As a member of our board for over 50 years, he continues to lead agriculture today. He also currently serves on our CFBF State Board of Directors. He helped transition us to our building on Piner Rd. and to our current building on Westwind Blvd. I hope we will get to enjoy a meal in the Domenic Carinalli Kitchen there soon. 

The Neve family is our Farm Family of the Year. Four generations of the Neve family have been the West Coast’s premier producers of high-end roses and other flowers. Lou and Raelene Neve and their two sons Nick and Chris exemplify the adaptability, care for the environment, and community connection that make Sonoma County farmers some of the best in the world. They are highly deserving of this honor.

Our Luther Burbank Award goes to the Sangiacomo Family in Sonoma.  Another well deserved award, the Sangiacomo’s have been pioneers in the winegrape industry for decades. Multiple generations of the Sangiacomo family are farming the same land and are leaders in sustainability and preserving agriculture in Sonoma County.

Our Friend of Farm Bureau Award goes to our Sonoma County Sheriff, Mark Essick. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office has supported agriculture for decades and especially with their rural crimes taskforce.  Led by Mark, they are instrumental in preventing and solving rural crimes in agriculture and also protecting farms from the animal activists who have infiltrated our county.

I am certainly going to miss Love of the Land and all the attendees. We may not have an event, but these people and many others continue to show how agriculture is thriving in Sonoma County. I hope that we may be able to honor our award winners properly in the near future.

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