BoDean Company: Supporting the Industry That Supports Them

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Published: July 1, 2015

BoDean was started by Dean and Belinda Soiland. “Bo” and “Dean” were combined to make the singular name now associated with asphalt and aggregate materials such as base rock in Sonoma County. approximately 40% of their end users are agricultural companies and they strive to support the industry.

BoDean originally purchased the Mark West Quarry in 1989 and has since continued to grow their business. Along with the Mark West Quarry, they now own a quarry in Forestville and an asphalt plant on Maxwell Drive in Santa Rosa. BoDean has more than 40 employees throughout their three locations. The Mark West Quarry was the first 100% solar powered quarry in the world, and along with the quarry, their offices also operate off solar-power.

Asphalt and concrete are the largest recycled products by volume in the United States, and BoDean uses 25% recycled material in their asphalt. BoDean also has a water recycling system in place at the Mark West Quarry, and they recycle 99% of the water used at its wash plant. While this type of water recycling system is becoming an industry standard, the Mark West Quarry was a pioneer when it was installed in 2006.
Alongside their sustainable efforts, BoDean is proud of their commitment to give back to the community. They give 10% of their profits back to charitable organizations and strive to do the best they can for their community. As a local family owned company, BoDean is focused on sustainability and giving back to their community.

BoDean knows that agriculture is a large part of the community in Sonoma County. The agriculture industry always has a need for their products which include asphalt, concrete, sand, clay and a variety of rock materials. They endeavor to support the agriculture industry, keeping it viable and healthy in Sonoma County.

“Agriculture is a large percentage of our business. We want to be more engaged, involved and supportive. Agriculture is part of the backbone of our county. It’s important to be involved and see it prosper,” said Bill Williams, general manager.

Williams said one of BoDean’s goals has been to become more involved with the Farm Bureau. In June, BoDean signed up as a diamond sponsor for the Farm Bureau golf tournament. With a booth set up at hole 16, their street tacos were a tremendous hit with all the players.

Their decision to be more involved in the agriculture industry was the original motivation behind their Farm Bureau membership. Now, as they realize the importance of the Farm Bureau to the agriculture community, they aim to be more involved. Sponsoring events such as the golf tournament was a way for BoDean to connect with community members.

“The more I’m involved in the Farm Bureau, the more I enjoy it,” said Josh Cleaver, sales manager. “What Farm Bureau does seems pretty important.”

BoDean plans to continue what they’ve been doing. For the future, they want to be more in touch with their customers’ needs and expand more on their recycling efforts.

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