John Sawyer Endorsed by Sonoma County Farm Bureau for First District Supervisor

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Published: May 1, 2012

John Sawyer, a fourth generation Sonoma County resident with deep roots in the county’s farming industry, has won Sonoma County Farm Bureau’s endorsement for Sonoma County Supervisor.

Sawyer, who served as mayor of Santa Rosa and is the former owner of Sawyer’s News in Santa Rosa, is seeking the First District Seat on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. The seat, which represents the Sonoma Valley and part of Santa Rosa, is now held by Valerie Brown, who is not seeking re-election.

Sawyer is an advocate for business and job creation. He has developed a four-point plan to stimulate business expansion that includes incentives for new business ventures and implementing a clear and predictable path to permit approval.
“We need to do more to build business confidence,” said Sawyer.

Sawyer said he is gratified to have gained the early support of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau and have the opportunity to meet with Sonoma County’s farmers and ranchers to listen to their input and concerns regarding local agriculture policies.

Sawyer’s agricultural roots span nearly 120 years since his family first settled in Sonoma County.  In the 1890’s, his great grandparents planted vineyards in Bennett Valley and the family’s original farmhouse stands to this day.  Sawyer said he has a profound appreciation and respect for the family farmers who have been great stewards of their land for generations.

“Sonoma County’s history is rooted in agriculture, which remains an integral part of our local economy and heritage. I know that John Sawyer will be a voice for the agricultural community and the protection of farm land,” said livestock rancher Joe Pozzi, president of Sonoma County Farm Bureau. “John is someone that we can count on to listen to our concerns and ensure that agriculture remains viable for the generations to come.”

As a candidate for County Supervisor, Sawyer wholly supports the ability of farmers to adapt to changes in agriculture market conditions and ensure that Sonoma County’s agricultural community can remain viable while continuing to produce quality products at competitive prices.  He will also ensure that the agricultural community continues to be able to operate under the “Right to Farm Ordinance” that limits government interference in agriculture production.  At the same time, he will help farmers with operations large and small navigate through new regulations set forth by the Vineyard Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance (VESCO).

“My family’s involvement in the dairy business spans four generations in the Sonoma Valley. With John Sawyer on the board of supervisors, I know that he will promote policies to ensure agricultural businesses like mine can continue to produce quality products at affordable prices,” said dairy farmer Ray Mulas, a director of Sonoma County Farm Bureau. “I know that John Sawyer will listen to the concerns of family farmers and all those in the agricultural community.”

Sawyer is supportive of Sonoma County’s Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, although he believes the District should place more emphasis on ways to preserve and protect the agricultural lands that have been a part of Sonoma County’s landscape for generations.  Additionally, he believes the Open Space District must be more responsible to maintain lands in its existing portfolio and ensure that the purchase of new properties is not made at the expense of ensuring proper maintenance on other properties.

Sawyer said he proudly stands with the agricultural community and the Sonoma County Farm Bureau.  As a county supervisor, he said he will be an advocate for all those in the agricultural community.

“Across Sonoma County, family farmers and ranchers are joining forces to support John Sawyer for Supervisor,” said Pozzi.

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