June Editorial- Taking Farm Bureau on the Road

Written By: Jeff Carlton, President
Published: June 1, 2019

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the California Farm Bureau Federation Roadshow in Santa Rosa. CFBF revamped an event that took place nearly a century ago in California. CFBF staff used to travel around the state to talk with farmers about the issues that were impacting them and how CFBF could better serve them. We all know that list was, and still is today, long and cumbersome. The Roadshow on May 2 provided time to meet and engage with our CFBF President Jamie Johansson, 1st Vice President Shannon Douglass, 2nd Vice President Shaun Crook and the excellent staff from Sacramento who know the issues better than almost anyone.

This event was organized and attended by Sonoma County and our surrounding counties of Mendocino and Napa. About 75 current and prospective members attended the Roadshow at the Flamingo Hotel Resort and Conference Center in Santa Rosa. Jamie started by addressing the crowd with a great motivational speech and provided an update about what CFBF is taking on in Sacramento and Washington, DC. He shared the many ways CFBF staff and leadership are fighting for agriculture.

Following were some in-depth sessions presented by the CFBF staff on the difficult issues we face. The rare window of opportunity for members to ask questions, discuss and understand how upcoming laws and regulations impact each individual was extremely valuable. Also, it was great to meet and interact with fellow members from surrounding counties, which is something
that we rarely have time to do. I participated in many conversations about how we can continue to better work together.

As farmers, ranchers and Farm Bureau members it is imperative that we all stay engaged in the regulatory fight. I cannot fathom a populace consciously attempting to legislate their food supply out of existence. Could you imagine relying on another state or country for your food? We have become too affluent and have resolved to do what sounds and feels good as an alternative to what our basic needs are. If less than 2% of the American population are farmers or ranchers, then we must be as efficient as we can be.

As the California Farm Bureau Federation Roadshow makes its way around the state, I hope other members are able to gather as much from it as I did. When it makes its return to our area, I hope you can make the time to attend. I know we are all very busy, so if you cannot, remember that Farm Bureau is there when you can’t be. If your friends, neighbors, or colleagues are not already members please encourage them to join Farm Bureau today.

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