Member Profile: Scott’s Miracle Gro

Written By: Brytann Busick
Published: September 3, 2020

Scott’s Miracle-Gro is widely considered an industry leader in the lawn and garden consumer space. The Farm Bureau member, headquartered in Marysville, Ohio, is where O.M. Scott began selling lawn seed in 1868. The Scotts Co. came together in the mid-’90s with Miracle-Gro, which was originally founded by Horace Hagedorn on Long Island, New York. 

Today, the company manufactures and sells consumer lawn, garden, and pest control products. In the U.S., Scott’s, Miracle-Gro and Ortho brands are well known, but there are many other products worldwide across varied consumer use categories. In the last few years, Scott’s entered the indoor growing and greenhouse cultivation industries and formed a wholly-owned subsidiary now known as the Hawthorne Gardening Company.

Michael Diamond is Scott’s Miracle-Gro manager of Government Affairs for the Western U.S.

“The Scott’s brand and the Miracle-Gro brand are both well known to consumers, and our catalog has expanded to include Ortho, Osmocote, Hyponex, TomKat, and more,” Diamond said. “Our Hawthorne catalog includes General Hydroponics, Gavita, AeroGarden, and Botanicare, among others.”

He said that their Scott’s Miracle-Gro and Hawthorne Gardening Company associates are true professionals.

“We stress commitment to professional and personal excellence,” Diamond said. “We are proud to say that we put family values at the center of our culture and are committed to a simple yet powerful purpose to “Gro More Good,” everywhere.”

He said that the company culture and commitment to quality products sets Scott’s Miracle- Gro apart.

“Our driving mission is to provide the tools for everyone to leave a meaningful footprint on their little piece of the earth,” Diamond said. “That belief is communicated both professionally and personally.”

Scotts’ Miracle-Gro and Hawthorne Gardening Company are Farm Bureau members because Diamond said they recognize the importance of agriculture and appreciate all those who grow the food we need, steward the land, and drive our economies.

“We share the same belief that good things come from the earth itself.”

The famous “blue” Miracle Gro powder revolutionized the world of the home gardener, and Diamond said that the company has consistently provided consumers and “home gardeners” with better and better tools to produce their own nutritious greens and foods, as well as landscape plants. Their legendary lawn care products have evolved as well. 

“Scott’s was perhaps the first major brand to remove phosphorus from its fertilizer products, and we now boast a line of consumer products and tools that can help Americans combat drought and other challenges,” Diamond said. “We now sell state of the art weather-based irrigation controllers which can aid Californians and others in drought-prone areas do their best to conserve outdoor water used at home.”

He said that the future of Scott’s Miracle-Gro holds more innovation for the consumer. 

“Ironically – but perhaps not too surprisingly – Americans returned to their home gardens in record numbers this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Diamond said. 

Diamond said that Scott’s Miracle-Gro associates continued to work throughout the worst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as the business is considered an essential service. 

“Our team, from senior leaders on down, took that responsibility seriously,” Diamond said. “We are most proud of the commitment our leaders made to all of us “in the SMG family,” as it was made clear that our response to the pandemic was “people first,” from day one.”

He is hopeful that in the aftermath of the Pandemic that younger consumers will again see the home garden as an enjoyable benefit for themselves and their families.

“I hope that there will be a renewed appreciation for a beneficial, enjoyable green space at home,” Diamond said. “We will likely see increased growth of the indoor and greenhouse cultivation industry, where the Scott’s Miracle-Gro product portfolio provides valuable and necessary tools.”

Scott’s Miracle-Gro and their associates at Hawthorne Gardening Company take tremendous pride in their community engagement. 

“In recent years, we have created thousands of community gardens throughout the nation,” Diamond said. “We recently announced a new nationwide effort called Gro More Good, where we will continue to provide tools and resources to those who wish to join us as we endeavor to make a meaningful contribution, or as we say, “ a footprint” on their little piece of the earth.”

Diamond said that his favorite part of working in the farming industry is that agriculture – both at home and on the farm – is one of the few remaining professions where you can literally see the results of your efforts.

“Farming and gardening can produce great pride, as well as nutrition, and on the home front, it’s a haven of sorts,” Diamond said. “We also believe the true stewards of the land are good farmers, producers, and the educated, knowledgeable man, woman or child who understands the value of the soil and what it can provide.”

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