Member Profile- Vintage Tree Care, Fred Frey

Written By: Brytann Busick
Published: September 1, 2018

Vintage Tree Care owner Fred Frey has lived in Sonoma County all his life. His family roots are firmly planted in the county—his daughter marks the 5th generation Frey.

Initially, Vintage Tree Care, which first opened shop 12 years ago, had just two employees—Frey and one assistant. Today, its 17 full-time employees take care of the community’s tree care needs. Frey said that his company serves nearly all of Sonoma county.

“Most of our customers are in Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa and Forestville,” Frey said.
Frey said that he likes that his customers demand a level of expertise and because of that, Vintage Tree Care can achieve higher goals.

“I am driven by interpersonal connections with customers,” Frey said. “Vintage Tree Care strives to be connected and involved with the public and to provide them with something they can’t get anywhere else.”

Vintage Tree Care has many years of experience and is woven into the fiber of the industry in Sonoma County.

Frey said that growing up in an agricultural background motivated him to start working right out of high school.

When he was 19, a family friend who owned a respected tree company in town told Frey to call if he ever needed any work. Frey said he didn’t dream that there was a full-time profession waiting for him in the tree care industry.

Initially, Frey said that he thought that tree work was just cutting a bunch of branches, putting them in the bed of your truck and taking them to the dump. He said he quickly saw that it was much more than that.

“Many people don’t realize that tree care is a professional industry and that it is a skilled craft that has biology, mycology and hazard assessment behind it,” Frey said.

Frey said that he has been doing tree work for 23 years and is passionate about it.

“I realized that the tree care profession provided a win-win for me,” Frey said. “I got to challenge my mind and body and at the same time I had an ingrained passion for it. It was the perfect fit.”

Frey said that tree work is not straightforward and that he is constantly working to improve his craft.

“You’re always on your toes and there is always a challenge or something new to learn. Over the years I have attended all the Santa Rosa Junior College trainings that relate to tree care.”

Frey said he has participated in, organized and conducted innumerable tree climbing, tree safety and biology workshops. He works hard to stay on top of all OSHA and ANSI standards, constantly trains with his employees and keeps safety at the top of his priority list.

When he opened Vintage Tree Care, Frey said he saw the need for people in Sonoma County to have tree care professionals who did qualified work, could give them a product they needed but couldn’t do for themselves and who customers could trust.

Frey said that Vintage Tree Care provides services for nearly anything to do with a tree.

“We do anything from root invasion and hazard assessment of a tree that could fall on a building or roadway, to tree health and aesthetics,” Frey said.

He said that the tree care industry has wide a spectrum of service but that most commonly Vintage Tree Care does tree pruning for preservation, hazard assessment and site consultations.

In addition, Vintage Tree Care can help agricultural clients with pruning to improve sunlight exposure, hazardous tree removal and maintenance near buildings on agricultural properties.

Frey said that he grew up around livestock and fruit trees and spent a considerable amount of time cutting trees for firewood with his Dad at his family’s ranch in Kenwood.

“Starting when I was five-years-old I was dragging branches and learning how to deal with firewood,” Frey said. “I appreciate my agricultural background and feel fortunate to be a member of the industry.”

Frey said he is a Farm Bureau member because he believes in the mission of the organization and the staff that works hard each day to carry it out.

“Being a Farm Bureau member feels like the right thing to do,” Frey said. “I am proud to put money towards an organization that advocates for agriculture and protects it for the future.”

Frey said being a Farm Bureau member has been a great return on his investment.

“From a business perspective, I believe that the level of exposure I’ve been able to find as a Farm Bureau member is amazing,” Frey said. “The more I put into it the more I get out of it.”

Frey said he encourages members to get involved and to attend events like Ag Days.

“The social component of Farm Bureau membership is off the charts,” Frey said. “Crab Feed and Love of the Land are some of the best events in Sonoma County and they really offer opportunities to build connection in the community. Farm bureau helps to keep relationships alive in the community and membership is an amazing networking tool.”

Frey said that he wants people to know that making money is important to his company but that Vintage Tree Care is more interested in building long-term relationships in the community and that priority is at the forefront of any decision he makes.

“While we are driven by the American dream to work hard and make money, that falls a far second place to our goal of developing a really great reputation for highly ethical, industry-standard tree care,” Frey said. “It is not just money driven for us. We have been fortunate to be lucrative, but the emphasis has always been to meet the highest standards for our customers.”

Frey said that he enjoys working with customers and strives to support them in their tree care needs in Sonoma County.
“We do our best to arm our customer with all the information they need so that they can make informed decisions,” Frey said. “Then, we hope they let us take care of the rest.”

For more information about Vintage Tree Care or to request their services please visit to submit a request online or call the office (707) 495-4686

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