Moreda Laguna Dairy Rises to Top in North Bay Milk Production

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Published: April 1, 2012


The Moreda Laguna Dairy, owned by the Donald J. Moreda family of Petaluma, had the first place herd in the annual North Bay Dairy Herd Improvement Association’s milk production testing program. The award was announced at the DHIA’s awards banquet on March 29 in Petaluma.

It was the third consecutive year that the Moreda Laguna Dairy’s herd placed first in the testing program, which provides essential data used in dairy farm management. The Moreda Laguna Dairy’s cows produced an average 27,436 pounds of milk, with 982 pounds of butterfat and 875 pounds of protein.

The Moreda Laguna Dairy won the Petaluma Livestock Auction Yard Trophy for being first of the top 10 dairy herds in North Bay milk production.

The Neles and Johnson Dairy of Petaluma placed second in the top 10 dairy herds, with 26,672 pounds of milk, 957 pounds of butterfat and 802 pounds of protein.

The Mertens Dairy in Sonoma was third, with 26,332 pounds of milk, 922 pounds of butterfat and 846 pounds of protein.

Rancho Laguna Dairy in Santa Rosa was fourth, with 25,167 pounds of milk, 943 pounds of butterfat and 831 pounds of protein.

Joe Pinheiro Dairy in Santa Rosa was fifth, with 27,124 pounds of milk, 862 pounds of butterfat and 880 pounds of protein.

Neil McIsaac & Son Dairy in Petaluma was sixth with 24,104 pounds of milk, 902 pounds of butterfat and 2,129 pounds of SNF.

George Grossi and Son in Novato was seventh with 24,727 pounds of milk, 862 pounds of butterfat and 772 pounds of protein.

Val Aggio Dairy in Santa Rosa was eighth with 24,230 pounds of milk, 853 pounds of butterfat and 743 pounds of protein.

Henry Perucchi & Son of Bodega was ninth with 23,379 pounds of milk, 847 pounds of butterfat and 759 pounds of protein.

Circle L.C. Corp, owned by the Cheda family, was tenth place with 23,182 pounds of milk, 845 pounds of butterfat and 749 pounds of protein.

The Cunningham Dairy Jerseys of Santa Rosa was first place herd for Colored Breeds, cow breeds other the Holsteins. The Cunningham Dairy Jerseys averaged 17,292 pounds of milk, 771 pounds of butterfat and 658 pounds of protein.

The Joe Pinheiro Dairy won the Hunt & Behrens Trophy for the most improved herd in the North Bay DHIA testing program, showing a 1,375 pound increase in milk production from the previous year.

The Emanuel Correira Dairy won first place award for low average somatic cell count. The others in the Top Ten for low somatic cell count were: (2-10) the Jim Riebli Dairy, Moreda Valley Dairy #3, George Nunes Dairy, John and William Brazil Dairy, R and J McClelland Dairy, McClelland Dairy, Neles and Johnson Dairy, Val Aggio Dairy, Bucher Farms Dairy and Neil McIsaac & Son Dairy.

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