New Home for Farm Bureau

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Published: November 1, 2016

It is with great excitement that I can say Farm Bureau has found a new home. It has taken years of discussion and research but we are proud to say we will be moving our offices to 3589 Westwind Boulevard near the Sonoma County Airport. I want to thank everyone for all of the effort that went into researching our office options and who have helped to lay the path for the future of the Sonoma County Farm Bureau. I especially would like to thank Steve Dutton for taking the lead and pulling so much together to make this happen all while in the throes of harvest too.

Farm Bureau has been located at 3589 Westwind Blvd. for almost 50 years. The buildings and property on Piner were purchased and built by our county Farm Bureau while they were in the old Farm Bureau office located near where Kmart is now. At the time this was on the outskirts of Santa Rosa and still located closely and conveniently to the County offices. The neighborhood has changed a lot and unfortunately so has the zoning. We have been discussing a potential move or remodel for over a decade and with the current zoning being what it is we could not expand our footprint to accommodate our current needs. This forced our hand to move versus investing in our long time home.

As part of the move we have sold the property at 970 Piner and purchased the complex on Westwind. This not only allows for us to immediately better accommodate our current staff with additional space but also allows more room for storage, meetings, and future growth if necessary. There are a total of six units at the new location allowing us to rent five of them and as I said earlier it also allows for us to use them if necessary in future if we need the space. We also will still be in close proximity to the County offices and especially the Ag Commissioners office since they are located on Airport Boulevard.

The official move into our new location will be happening over the next few months with the idea of being completely moved in sometime in February. We think this will be a great home for Farm Bureau for years to come. This is the first significant investment and change for our Farm Bureau in years and we are very excited that this investment will be one like our leaders made in the sixties when we moved to Piner Road. This will hopefully give us a strong foundation for decades to come and will help keep the Sonoma County Farm Bureau the voice of agriculture.

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