New Scholarship Program Launches at SRJC

Written By: Janet Durkin, Program Director, Wild Goat Foundation
Published: August 5, 2019

On July 12, at Shone Farm, Santa Rosa Junior College and the Wild Goat Foundation launched the WG Edge scholarship program. This program provides significant scholarship support for four local young women to study agriculture at SRJC, and connects them with a “village” of teachers, mentors, and internship sponsors who can guide, inspire, and open doors for them.

WG Edge was created out of gratitude to the local agricultural community by Judy Jordan, formerly of J Vineyards and Winery and founder of Geodesy Wine, with the goal of advancing the next generation. A core tenet of the program is that connectivity is key to increasing participants’ confidence, career mobility and community impact.

The collaboration with SRJC emerged from talks between Judy Jordan and Benjamin Goldstein, Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources, out of a mutual desire to support local students studying agriculture and to meet a growing demand for training in precision agriculture and agricultural technology.

The four young women will be studying in the Sustainable Agriculture or Animal Science Program at SRJC in Fall 2019. The incoming students had a chance to meet with SRJC faculty Dr. Joshua Beniston and Amy Housman prior to the launch event. Other guests included SRJC Board Members Terry Lindley and Dr. Mariana Martinez; Steve Olson; and members of two female mentor groups to whom the students will be connected—local women leaders and near peers. At the event, Judy Jordan introduced two estate grown wines from Geodesy. Geodesy is called “Wine with a purpose,” because 100 percent of its profits fund the Wild Goat Edge program.

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