Pesticide Use Near Schools, Erosion Control Plans

Written By: Anita Hawkins
Published: February 1, 2018

In the ever-changing regulatory environment we are presented with many adaptive challenges each year in the form of new or more restrictive regulations. In the case of agricultural pesticide use, new regulations are now in effect that restrict the type and timing of applications near schools and licensed child care facilities throughout the county. In response to these new regulations, the Sonoma County Farm Bureau, in cooperation with the Sonoma County Department of Agriculture will be organizing 4 seminars to be held throughout the county to aid growers and pest control businesses in understanding the new regulations for Pesticide Use Near School sites. These seminars will cover the regulations in detail including the types of applications affected by these new regulations, the responsibilities these new regulations place on property operators for notifying school and childcare facility administrators and are designed for any property operators involved in the production of agricultural commodities.

Spray drift is minimized when applicators receive training on best spray practices. To determine applicators’ knowledge gaps on spray practices, the University of California Cooperative Extension will conduct a brief survey on topics such as sprayer calibration, coverage and drift control practices currently used by operators. The survey is being conducted in several counties at similar meetings. The results will provide the information needed to improve the development of new hands-on and online training courses.

To further assist in meeting state regulations, the Land Stewardship Division of the Agriculture Department will end the morning with a video of the new “Land Steward’s Guide to Vineyard and Orchard Erosion Control.” The Guide was developed to assist landowners and land managers in understanding erosion processes, and to describe practices for repairing small-scale erosion problems common to agricultural operations. The Guide is intended for use in existing vineyards and orchards and is formulated to assist agricultural landowners in developing Erosion Control Plans specific to their operations and which demonstrates compliance with Water Board Waste Discharge Requirements. Copies of the Guide will be available for distribution to attendees.
These no cost seminars will be held from 10am to Noon, and 1 hour of Laws and Regs Continuing Education Credit from the Department of Pesticide Regulation has been requested.

February 28: Schell-Vista Fire Protection District
March 21: Graton Fire Protection District
March 23: Geyserville Fire Protection District
April 11: Two Rock Volunteer Fire Department

Seminar reservations are required:

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