Premium Membership: Mark and Jenny Sanchietti Strive to Support Their Family and Employees

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Published: May 1, 2015

Sanchietti Farming Incorporated might sound like a large corporation, but in truth it’s a family run operation. Husband and wife duo, Mark and Jenny Sanchietti, are the sole owners of the business and on any given day you might find their two young children Mason and Meritt running around their office.

Mark and Jenny are high school sweethearts who both come from Sonoma County farming families. Both graduated from Cal Poly in 2007 with Ag Business degrees, and Mark was passionate about starting his own business after college.

Sanchietti Farming operates approximately 400 acres which they own or lease as well as custom farm for 10-12 clients. In addition to wine grapes, they farm two acres of olives and apples for the Santa Rosa Junior College and they own two acres of apples. As well as being diversified, Jenny said the kids love the apple harvest and it’s great for them to grow up knowing more than one type of agriculture.

Mark and Jenny’s customers have all been happy with the work that Sanchietti Farming has done and they’ve been able to resign contracts every year with same customers. “We’ve been lucky,” said Jenny, “we’ve been able work with a lot of great people.”

The Sanchietti family has been farming in Sonoma County since 1919. With 100 years of rich agricultural history in the area, they are hoping to see four more generations of their family continue to farm. “If we plant a vineyard, we want to be doing it forever whether we own or manage it,” said Mark.

Mark and Jenny’s goal for Sanchietti Farming is to always be able to support their family as well as their employees’ families. Sanchietti Farming has approximately 40 employees which Mark and Jenny employ year round as opposed to traditional seasonal labor.

All of the properties Sanchietti Farming operates will be certified sustainable or organic by the end of June. They haven’t had to make any big adjustments to their farming methods, so they are happy to get credit for what they’ve already been doing.

“Being certified sustainable or organic is a good way to talk to our neighbors and let them know what’s going on,” said Mark.

Like most farmers, community and neighbor relations can have its challenges. Being a family owned operation has given them an advantage – Mark and Jenny are able to tell their neighbors that their family and children live right outside a vineyard they operate with their farming principles.

Being Farm Bureau members has allowed Mark and Jenny to focus on steady business growth instead of changing regulations and restrictions. Mark and Jenny noted that the Farm Bureau has worked on many issues that are important to them including the groundwater sustainability act, property rights, diesel regulations, the endangered species act and many more.

“If I’m not involved, who is?” said Mark. “The Farm Bureau is very valuable for what it does at both the county and state level.” “Supporting the Farm Bureau supports us,” said Jenny. “It’s just a good investment. Being a premium member is great because then they have the funds to figure all these things out and bring information back to us.”

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