Premium Membership: Seghesio Celebrates 120 Years of Being Family Run

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Published: June 1, 2015

Seghesio Family Vineyards was established by Edoardo and Angela Seghesio in 1895, producing their first vintage in 1902. Their passion was farming and winemaking, and Angela continued to make wine after Edoardo passed.

Ned Neumiller is now part of the 5th generation running the family business. When the grower relations position initially opened up, Neumiller was interested, but had a serious conversation with his father, Jim Neumiller, Seghesio’s vineyard manager he would be working closely with. At the time, he wasn’t sure how the family dynamic would work into their professional relationship. Now his father is one of his closest friends, exemplifying just how much the Segehsios are proud of their family run operation.

“We’re not family owned anymore,” said Neumiller, “but we’re family run. We’ve got a family member touching every little piece of it.” Seghesio is now owned by the publically traded Crimson Wine Group, but thier day to day operations are still managed by the family. They are celebrating 120 years in Sonoma County, and the family is proud of the past generations that have kept the business together, continuing to expand and push the limits of the industry.

“Our multigenerational aspect is something that makes us very unique. Being able to work with family members over different generations. On any given day you can find my grandfather, my uncle and myself all on the same properties. Having a great work relationship is everything,” said Neumiller. “There’s nothing like getting out of the truck and kicking the same dirt clod that my grandfather, my father, and my great grandfather all kicked.”

Seghesio takes pride in growing the very best grapes to produce the very best wines they possibly can. Their core focus is zinfandels and Italian varietals, understanding that this is what their sites are best suited for. The Seghesio’s feel lucky that their vineyard properties are ideally situated for what they do.

Keeping agriculture in Sonoma County is important to the Seghesio family. However, they know agriculture in the United States, in California and in Sonoma County continues to face the uphill challenges coming from every direction. “The Farm Bureau always has our back,” said Neumiller. “Agriculture has to have a good collective voice, and the Farm Bureau does that. They meld all the types of agriculture we have in Sonoma County.”

For Seghesio, it wasn’t a big step from regular membership to Premium Membership. Premium Membership was an easy way for them to show support for the Farm Bureau. For Neumiller the friendships they have made and the flow of ideas across events is advantageous. He believes it makes for a more well-rounded farmer and agriculturalist.

“Being recognized for Premium Membership helps you understand how valuable Farm Bureau is,” said Neumiller, “and how that support ends up coming back to help out the industry.”

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