Sonoma County Farm Bureau Endorsements

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Local Candidate Endorsements

City of Petaluma, Mayor – Mike Harris

City of Santa Rosa, Council District 2 – John Sawyer (Incumbent)

City of Santa Rosa, Council District 4 – Dorothy Beattie

City of Santa Rosa, Council District 6 – Tom Schwedhelm (Incumbent)

Santa Rosa Junior College Board of Trustees (East County) – Jeff Kunde

Sonoma County Farm Bureau Recommendation on Local Measures

Measure M (Park Bond)- Oppose

If passed with two-thirds of the vote, Measure M would institute an eighth-cent sales tax increase in cities and unincorporated areas

Measure N (City of Santa Rosa Housing Bond)- Support

The $124 million Housing Recovery Bond Measure will assist in housing recovery and develop affordable housing within Santa Rosa. If passed, it would construct and preserve affordable housing for low-income and moderate-income families, veterans, seniors, persons with disabilities, persons experiencing homelessness and other vulnerable populations. All Measure N funds must be spent within Santa Rosa.

California Farm Bureau Recommendations on Statewide Propositions

The Sonoma County Farm Bureau, in conjunction with the California Farm Bureau, recommends the following positions on the statewide propositions that will be before voters in November.

Proposition 1 – Veterans Housing Bonds – No Position
Authorizes $4 billion in general obligation bonds for construction, rehabilitation and development of housing units.Proposition 2 – Shift in Tax Revenue – NO
Allows the State to use $2 billion in revenues from Proposition 63 (also known as the “Millionaire Tax”) for supportive housing of homeless, chronically homeless, and those at-risk of chronic homelessness.

Proposition 3 – Water System Enhancements – YES
Issues $8.877 billion in general obligation bonds for water infrastructure and environmental projects including safe drinking water and water quality projects, watershed and fishery improvements, habitat protection, water conveyance, groundwater storage and sustainability and improved surface water storage and repair.

Proposition 4 – Children’s Hospital Bonds – No Position
Authorizes the issuance of $1.5 billion in general obligation bonds to fund grants for the construction, expansion and rehabilitation of children’s hospitals.

Proposition 5 – Property Tax Assessment Transfer – YES
Allows California homeowners age 55 and older to sell their current homes, purchase a replacement property anywhere in California and transfer the property tax assessment from the home they sold to the home they bought. This initiative would also remove restrictions in existing law that limit the price and location of the replacement property.

Proposition 6 – Fuel Tax Repeal – YES
Repeals the fuel and vehicle tax increase recently enacted by the Legislature. Also requires any future increase in state fuel and vehicle taxes to be passed by 2/3 vote of the Legislature and be sent to the voters via an initiative.

Proposition 7 – Daylight Saving Time – No Position
Authorizes the State Legislature to establish by 2/3 vote, permanent, year-round daylight savings time in California provided the federal Uniform Time Act is amended.

Proposition 8 – Kidney Dialysis Price Setting – NO
Imposes government price setting on critical dialysis clinics which may lead to closures or reduced access to care for dialysis patients.

Proposition 9 was removed from the ballot

Proposition 10 – Rent Control – NO
Repeals the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act to allow local governments to adopt rent control ordinances to dictate maximum figures landlords may charge for rental apartments and homes. Passage may discourage the construction of new rental units and exacerbate the existing housing shortage.

Proposition 11 – Ambulance Employees – No Position
Among other provisions, this measure would allow emergency ambulance employees to remain on-call during paid break periods.

Proposition 12 – Farm Animal Housing – NO
Beginning in 2020, bans the sale of meat and eggs from calves raised for veal, breeding pigs, and egg laying hens confined in areas below a specific number of square feet.

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