Sonoma County Farm Bureau Endorses Stacey Lawson for Congress

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Published: May 1, 2012


Sonoma County Farm Bureau is supporting Stacey Lawson, an educator and small business owner, in her bid for Congress because she is the only candidate in the race with real-world, hands-on experience in job creation and small business growth.

Lawson, a self-made business woman, is running for the 2nd District Congressional District seat, which includes much of the North Coast and its viticulture and farming industries. She also has won the endorsement of the Mendocino County Farm Bureau. Farm leaders praise Lawson as someone who understands the balance that is needed between agriculture, local resources and rural communities within the sprawling Congressional district. California’s primary election is June 5.

“Stacey Lawson is our choice for Congress. She has a plan to get our economy back on track and to ensure that our community has a strong agricultural presence for years to come. Her detailed plans for creating middle-class jobs, investing in education and promoting local agriculture are exactly what this district and America needs to rebuild an economy that benefits everyone,” said Lex McCorvey, executive director of Sonoma County Farm Bureau.

Lawson grew up in a rural, coastal community in Washington State and moved to northern California after college. She watched her father start a small trucking business from a single truck he drove himself and lift their family into the middle class.

“When I was young, we lived in a trailer, but my mom and dad dreamed of a better life for our family — they worked hard, they took risks and we all succeeded,” said Lawson. “I’m running for Congress because I believe in that dream for all American families.”

A student of public schools who became a chemical engineer and then went on to graduate from Harvard Business School, Lawson has started small businesses, run major departments inside large companies and created hundreds of jobs.
Lawson co-founded and teaches at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley, and started a company that created technology to help U.S. manufacturers compete in the global marketplace — and keep middle-class jobs in America.

Stacey Lawson has created a jobs plan called “Making More in America.” It outlines a solid plan for rebuilding our middle class and creating viable middle class jobs with a focus on revitalizing our local manufacturing sector, including food production, and other natural resource based economies that utilize our resource rich district while preserving our environment.  You can download a copy the plan and find out how to get involved and how to support Stacey’s campaign at

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