Sonoma County Farm Bureau Opposes Measure M

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Published: October 31, 2016

Measure M is an unnecessary, poorly drafted measure that won’t do anything to benefit Sonoma County residents or make our food safer. Instead, by creating an arbitrary ban only in our county, Measure M will hurt local family farmers and ranchers, jeopardize our local economy that depends heavily on agriculture, and cost tens to hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in new bureaucracy and red tape to implement. Please vote no.

Scientists at the University of California Cooperative Extension were asked by the County to evaluate Measure M. They concluded the measure is so poorly drafted that it could even ban new technologies including “some insect control measures like those being used to control mosquito vector of the Zika virus” and vaccines “used to prevent West Nile”.

The UC scientists also warn Measure M would permanently ban some currently accepted and future crop technologies such as those needed to protect vineyards from Pierce’s Disease.

By creating an arbitrary ban on growing crops that only applies in Sonoma County, Measure M would put local family farmers, ranchers and vineyards at a disadvantage to farmers in other counties.

Don’t believe proponents’ scare tactics. The UC scientists found “there are no native plants, trees, or animals in the county that are at risk of contamination.”

The National Academy of Sciences, World Health Organization, American Medical Association and 111 Nobel Laureates have all concluded genetically engineered crops are safe and crucial to feed the world’s growing population.

Biotechnology helps combat climate change and reduce the use of pesticides and water on crops.

Please reject this poorly drafted measure. It only applies in unincorporated areas of the county and does nothing to benefit Sonoma County residents. It will be harmful to local farmers and ranchers, and costly for taxpayers and our economy.

Endorsed by the following people and organizations:

John Azevedo
Sonoma County Farm Bureau
Scott Kincaid
Sonoma County Alliance
Dr. Stephanie Larson
County Director,
University California Copperative Extention
Mike Martini
Winery Owner,
Taft Street Winery
Vickie Mulas
Grape Grower,
Sonoma, CA
Supervisor David Rabbitt
District 2,
Sonoma County
Supervisor Shrilee Zane
District 3,
Sonoma County
Doug Beretta
Organic Dairyman,
Santa Rosa, CA
Press Democrat Editorial Board
PD Editorial: No on Measure M: The science just doesn’t warrant it
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce

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North Bay Leadership Council
[Read More]
Petaluma Chamber of Commerce
[Read More]
Sonoma County Alliance

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What’s a GMO?

GMOs are the product of a scientific type of plant breeding where precise changes are made to a plant’s DNA to give it characteristics that cannot be achieved through traditional plant breeding methods.

Download: What’s a GMO.pdf to learn more about the scientific process used to develop a plant with precise characteristics that create better preforming crops.

Report to Sonoma County Board of Supervisors
Presented by University of California Cooperative Extension, Sonoma County
on Impact of Transgenic Contamination Prevention Ordinance

Download: Impact of Transgenic Contamination Prevention Ordinance.pdf

Download: Report of Impacts of Proposed Transgenic Contamination Prevention Ordinance.pdf

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