Sonoma County Farm Bureau Receives Grant Funding from the California Cattle Council

Written By: Brytann Busick
Published: March 5, 2020

If you travel up and down the US 101 you may have noticed the Sonoma County Farm Bureau logo proudly displayed on a series of digital billboards near the Golf Course Exit promoting beef ranching and dairy farming in Sonoma County. These billboards were produced thanks to funding Sonoma County Farm Bureau received from the California Cattle Council.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau staff will travel across Sonoma County to capture images of beef ranchers and dairy farmers to disseminate positive messaging about cattle producers to counteract the ever-present negative content that vegan, vegetarian, and animal rights groups spread on the internet and in print. The goal of the project is to promote, defend, and enhance California cattle production by targeting traveling up and down U.S. 101.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for farmers and ranchers that you may know!

About the California Cattle Council

The California Cattle Council was established by a vote of the state’s beef producers to determine if $1.00 should be assessed on the sale of live cattle to fund the California Cattle Council in order to provide more resources to defend and promote cattle production in the state. Senate Bill 965 was enacted into law on January 1, 2019, creating the opportunity for cattle producers to vote on the formation of the council through a referendum conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. on April 5, 2019 following a favorable implementation referendum among California cattle producers, the Council became fully operative.

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