Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Resident Deputy Program

Written By: Deputy Sheriff Greg Myers
Published: February 5, 2021

Many have asked the question about the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Resident Deputy Program. The program has a long and colorful history throughout the county. 

The coast resident program started in the early ’70s with Corky Carr covering the south coast and Wayne Dunham covering the north coast. Before these two residents, the coast was covered by Deputies who came from the Guerneville Substation. 

Today we have three resident positions (King1, King 2 & King 3).

King 1 covers the north end of the coast from Salt Point to the Gualala River. The residence is located in The Sea Ranch and was built by the county on land donated by The Sea Ranch Association. That residence was completed in 1978-79 and Deputy Dave Nagle was the first Deputy to live in that residence. Before that residence was built the Deputy would have to find their own living arrangements. 

King 2 covers the central coast and covers for days off. His main area is from Meyers Grade to Salt Point. The residence is located in Timber Cove.

King 3 covers from Meyers Grade to the south county line including Jenner, Bodega Bay, and Valley Ford.

The coast has a long agricultural history. There are wineries, timber operations, beef, and sheep ranches to mention a few. The interactions between the resident deputy and the rancher or farmer are one of a personal relationship that forms over years. There is one deputy to call 24 hours a day. The community gets to know the resident quickly and learns to relay information both good and bad through that deputy.

One of the requirements of the position is being a K9 handler. Since the areas that we patrol are very rural and we work alone we have a K9 partner. This, one might say is the best part of the position. We train with our partners a minimum of 20 hours a month of formal training but in reality, we easily double that amount on our own. Our K9 partners are our back up as well as our company. Our partners are very well trained and love to work.

Another part of the position is training with the fire stations in our area. King1&2 train with both Timber Cove volunteer fire and The Sea Ranch volunteer fire departments. King 3 trains with Bodega Bay Fire.

This training includes medical training, fire training (both wildland and structure), ropes training, cliff rescue. Most of all our interactions with these fire departments allow us to build relationships with the community that we serve. As we all know the volunteers in our communities are the glue that holds communities together.

Since resources are thin on the coast we go to medical aid calls and general fire calls to help support the local Fire Departments. The Fire Departments and Medical services and the Sheriff’s Office count on each other to help each other.

So to sum up the position of Resident Deputy one might say that we are the Swiss army knife of the department. We are on-call 24 hours a day during our 5 day work week. We usually work 60-80 hour work weeks if nothing bad happens. If there is a fire like we had this last year it might take us days before we get to go back to the residence.

The positions are currently staffed by;

King 1- Greg Myers


King 2- Jeremy Lyle



King 3- Jason Pasero


I have included the phone numbers for the residences’ because that is our home office. If you need anything please reach out to us. If you have not met us please call us and we can meet at your residence or your ranch. We are here to serve the public and to help solve problems in our communities.


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