Sonoma County’s Future Agriculturalists – Congratulations 2018 Scholarship Winners

Written By: Steve Dutton, President
Published: June 1, 2018

The school year is coming to a rapid close once again. With graduation from high school, young ag kids turn to the Sonoma County Farm Bureau Foundation to apply for College Scholarships. These scholarships help students pursue higher education in agriculture related fields. The money can be used to offset the ever increasing and expensive costs of tuition and living expenses. The recipient must prove enrollment in classes and write a thank you note to the donor before receiving the funds.

The Sonoma County Farm Bureau Board created the Sonoma County Farm Bureau Foundation in 2006. By forming the Foundation, the board gave donors a tax-free opportunity to help these kids reach their goal of a higher education. Since inception, the Farm Bureau Foundation has given $867,500 in 391 scholarships.

In 2006 the scholarship amounts totaled $6,500 and were awarded to 9 students. This year alone, the Foundation has granted $158,750 to 41 students, an average of $3,872 per student! These students are either entering college or are continuing their pursuit of a college degree. This amazing increase is 23 times more than it was just 12 years ago.

These donations are made possible by the generosity of our local Ag community and ag related businesses here in Sonoma County. These dedicated supporters continually give in the form of named scholarships and by raising their paddles at the Great Sonoma Crab Feed.

All of us that donate to the foundation see the importance of supporting our ag youth and the future of agriculture in Sonoma County. By doing so we hope that some of these students will return to Sonoma County and be the next generation of Farmers, Ranchers and Ag leaders.

I want to personally thank all of you for your donations and continued support of Farm Bureau and its mission to support Agriculture education. It is safe to say we all expect great things from these young women and men.

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