The Foundation of Sonoma County

Written By: President Jeff Carlton
Published: September 3, 2019

It certainly has been busy out in the fields for all of us this year. It is great to see the grape harvest beginning and it will only continue to get busier around the county. Harvest is
always my favorite time of year as we work long hours to bring in the wine grape crop that we’ve grown all year. From dairy to hay, no matter what agricultural crop we produce, harvest time repeatedly creates happiness in all that we have accomplished throughout the year. As I sit and write this article, I anticipate the presentation of the Sonoma County Crop Report for 2018, which is expected to exceed over 1 billion dollars! Just let that sink in for a moment. Sonoma County is undeniably an agricultural county.

The agriculture economy here far overreaches that value. Through processing, hospitality, tourism and more, agriculture helps to bring almost 7 billion dollars to our local economy. The annual crop report truly highlights our diverse agriculture in the county. I would wager that we could all find something in the crop report that we did not know was produced here. Look through
it to see the multitude of farmers markets around the county where you can find all the wonderful fruits and vegetables, wine and cheese, flowers and much more. Thank you to Tony Linegar and the Agricultural Commissioner’s office for assembling another crop report that makes me and so many others immensely appreciative of Sonoma County.

I am extremely proud of all our farmers and ranchers in this county and their hard work to achieve these new heights. Sonoma County is actually one of the very few counties in California that contains the word agriculture in the county seal. It is in our blood and in our heritage and with hope and hard work I’m sure that will continue. Always innovative and rolling with the punches, the farmers and ranchers in Sonoma County have changed crops and practices over the years but their goal of helping to feed our county, feed the world and create the beautiful landscape we all are fortunate to enjoy remains the same.

Here’s to a successful 2019!

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