The Key to Success

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Published: December 1, 2015

Farm Bureau is an organization solely because of your membership, making you a vital part of Sonoma County Farm Bureau.

Farm Bureau is people – farmers and ranchers, property owners, agricultural enthusiasts in rural, suburban and urban areas.  Roughly 3,000 families belong to Farm Bureau in Sonoma County.  Approximately half of these families have a direct connection to agricultural production making your county Farm Bureau highly representative and effective in working to educate and advocate for positions that will keep agriculture benefiting our county going forward.

Farm Bureau operates on a membership year that concludes in October.  We have learned that, while the final number is yet to be determined, our membership experienced growth during 2015.

A huge thank you to everyone who has seen or experienced the value in what is happening and continue to support our collective work through renewing your membership and sending your dues.

While paying dues is important, it is even more important to become involved in supporting our efforts through sharing your story with others and inviting them to join.  In order for your organization to continue growing we must add new members. Sonoma County has a rich history to build upon and a local diversity of agriculture that is enviable.

Farm Bureau and agriculture have evolved over the years experiencing significant accomplishments.  Mechanisms are constantly being established to communicate about the opportunities, successes and challenges of providing safe and abundant food, fiber and energy to others who are more and more detached from farming.  These conversations are ongoing and vitally important.

Farmers today must cope with complex economic problems, misinformation and government actions, all of which affect their lives and businesses daily.  With the projected global population growth there is an accompanying increase in the amount of food that will be needed across international borders.  We should remember that while local is popular as far as sourcing, quality, choices, etc. there remains a looming goal to not only sustain, but grow the availability of food. Agriculture has a great track record and will continue to adapt to meet consumer needs.

Among all of these challenges, past and present, Sonoma County Farm Bureau has been an engaged participant, listening for ideas and solutions in an effort to make better opportunities for our children.  Membership has always been an area of focus since the beginning of our association nearly 100 years ago realizing that we can accomplish more together than alone.

While times have changed how we come together, our voice remains strong. Still, we can do better. Membership provides the organization stimulus and you are that stimulus – the key to our success.

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