Vote for Agriculture and Fewer Taxes

Written By: President Jeff Carlton
Published: November 3, 2020

A couple more months to go in 2020 and I think many of us are, oh so happy to see it go. Although as fire season continues, it will be difficult to be restful until we see substantial rain. By now I believe most everyone has finished their harvests for this year and have their sights set on a better, more prosperous 2021 season. As you read this article, most likely the election will be over as well. If not, I urge you to get your ballot in or show up in person to the polls. While we hope the results will be in our favor, many times we must adjust to what the voters want.

I hope you were able to see our endorsements for 2020. As a board, we do not take them lightly. Prop 15 would be a death nail to much of Agriculture in California and especially Sonoma County. It will further hurt our economy at a time when many people around here and around this state are struggling. Our No on Measure P is very important as well. The Agriculture industry is supported tremendously by Sheriff Mark Essick, his deputies, and the entire department. Measure P would in essence de-fund the Sheriff’s Office for more oversight, which is not needed here. Sheriff’s oversight already exists, not create it as the proponents of this measure claim. We are also against any and all tax measures this year. It may have been controversial to some, but we need to do better with the money that we already have. In a year like this, we cannot further tax individuals or businesses. While many people across Sonoma County are tightening their belts, our county must do the same. We are on the verge of having an 11% sales tax in parts of the county, 11%! That should shock you.

I want to thank everyone again from our awesome staff, many volunteers, and our BBQ crew for another successful drive-thru dinner again last month. I am always so thankful for the amount of support from our entire community. If you haven’t had a chance to partake yet, I highly suggest that you do! From the BBQ to the sides, and dessert, they are delicious! As we finish another fiscal year at Farm Bureau and start anew, I hope you had an opportunity to participate in our Zoom Annual Meeting and see everything that we have accomplished this year and plan to achieve next year. I would also like to give a warm welcome to our new Board Members Jordan Mahrt, Ron Crane, and Nicolas Hernandez-Ramirez. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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