WHEEL Program and Agriculture

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Published: May 1, 2013

Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce and Sonoma County Farm Bureau offered a 9-week English language program (WHEEL Program-Worksite Held Employee English Learning) to the agriculture industry.  The February through April months were filled with excitement as the program participants increased their English skills enriching their employment and personal lives.

April 15th was Graduation Night for 22 participants and the positive energy was felt throughout the room.  The program instructor, Eleanor Welch, lead the ceremony with her infectious warmth and employers attended the joyous celebration.  Participants were from companies: Bacchus Vineyard Management, Preston Vineyards, Quivira Vineyards and Winery, Top-Notch Grafting and Vineyard Services and Sanchietti Farming.

Congratulations to the WHEEL Program Graduates: Jose Luis Alvarado, Juan Carlos Alvarado, Armando Arroyo, Leonel Cruz, Saul Ferreria, Humberto Avalos-Garcia, Felipe Hernandez, Pedro Chavez Hernandez, Refugio Ferreria Lopez, Gabino Flores Luna, Gerrardo Toro Martinez, Alberto H. Mendoza, Javier Miranda, Jose Alvarado Montoya, Emiliano Carmona-Mota, Alberto Perez-Moya, Jorge Ortiz, Luis Ortiz, Miguel Ortiz, Jorge Luis Renteria, Ricardo Silva and Celso Lopez Vega.

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